The Horse and the Wild Boar, 1808 Watercolor by Samuel Howitt

The Horse and the Wild Boar, 1808 Watercolor by Samuel Howitt Size : 9 x 13 in.

The Horse and the Wild Boar, 1808 Watercolor by Samuel Howitt Size : 9 x 13 in.


About This Artwork:
Samuel Howitt Original watercolor for A New Work of Animals; Principally Designed from the Fables of Aesop, Gay and Phaedrus Drawing in pen, brown ink & wash with watercolor over pencil: framed; paper size 9” x 13” London, 1808 Samuel Howitt occupies a unique position in the rich history of British sporting art. A completely self-taught artist, Howitt received a rural sportsman’s upbringing in Nottinghamshire. In London he lived at the heart of the city’s smartest young social set, only turning to his art seriously when he fell into financial difficulty. What followed was a productive and highly acclaimed career as a painter and illustrator of a remarkably broad range of sporting subjects. Howitt combined his sportsman’s upbringing with a highly evolved and original visual style to create some of the most vibrant and engaging images from this great period of British sporting art. Samuel Howitt, interpreting Aesops fables that seem no less relevant today than they did almost three millenia ago, has infused them with a new vitality, and done so in a manner that illustrates their fundamental messages of common sense with freshness and vigor. These watercolors are engaging original works by this noted artist, who retold the ancient fables in his own remarkable visual language. Over the following pages, each watercolor is shown with the corresponding story and moral, in order to best demonstrate the artist’s inventive and witty approach to illustrating these classic fables. TA Wild Boar wallow’d in the flood,/ And troubled all the stream with mud,/ Just where a Horse to drink repair’d:/ He therefore having war declar’d,/ Sought man’s alliance for the fight,/ And bore upon his back the knight;/ Who being skill’d his darts to throw,/ Dispatch’d the Wild Boar at a blow./ Then to the Steed the victor said,/ I’m glad you came to me for aid;/ For taught how useful you can be,/ I’ve got at once a spoil and thee./ On which the fields he made him quit,/To feel the spur and champt

Artwork Specifications:
Medium: Watercolor
Height: 9 inches
Width: 13 inches
Condition Note: Very Good
Signed By: Samuel Howitt
Framed: No
Product Dimensions: 0 x 13 x 9 inches
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