Lithography Artwork Entitled Fictitious Parrot, ca. 1670 by Nicolas Robert

Lithography Artwork

Lithography Artwork Entitled Fictitious Parrot, ca. 1670 by Nicolas Robert – Get it on Amazon


This unique lithography artwork by Nicolas Robert entitled Fictitious Parrot, circa 1670 is a watercolor painting on vellum, framed with gold fillet measuring 23 3/4” x 20 1/2.” This artwork is professionally framed with stunning gold leaf with all archival materials and UV Plexiglas. Undoubtedly executed for noble patrons, these stunning ornithological watercolor painting on vellum date from around the time of Robert’s period in the court of King Louis.

About the artist:

Nicolas Robert (1614-1685) was one of the illustrious natural history artists of the 17th century, where his work established the time-honored benchmarks merging methodical precision and aesthetic charm that influenced generations of artists and gained the admiration and patronage of the French royal family. Robert produced a wide-range, gorgeous works for the French Crown, along with other artists. Robert was commissioned by Gaston d’Orleans, brother of Louis XIII, to create watercolors of exotic birds and rare plants he had put together in his garden at Blois and the Ménagerie at Versailles.

After Gaston d’Orleans’s death, he was promptly placed under the auspices of the Sun King, Louis XIV and as a prize for his stunning and exquisite artworks he painted for the king’s personal collection, Robert was named “Peintre Ordinaire du Roi” in 1666, a title confirming his enduring fame and patronage.

As Robert’s talent was so acknowledged quickly as being far greater to that of other artists at work for the royal family, he was also the first telling giver to a collection of fine watercolor painting on vellum later to be known, collectively, as the Velins du Roi (the King’s Vellums). Thus, the watercolors paintings Robert has completed under Gaston d’Orleans and then Louis XIV for the royal collection, strengthened interest and provided the inspiration for the great masters of botanical and ornithological art who followed, such as Jean Joubert, Nicholas Marechal, Gerard van Spaendonck and, of course, Pierre-Joseph Redouté. Consequently, the very fine print artwork of Parisian natural historians and flower painters as late as 1825 could be directly traced back to the strength of Nicolas Robert’s tradition.


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