Oil Painting Portraits “Christ” ca. 2013 by Seva Saplin

Oil Painting Portraits

Oil Painting Portraits “Christ” ca. 2013 by Seva Saplin – Get it on Amazon

Artwork Overview:

Breath of life is all that matters for all the oil painting portraits artworks of the artist. This oil painting portraits artwork in canvas measuring 39.37 x 39.37 x 1.57 in., unframed is in excellent condition originated in the Central European region and has been exhibited in Art Beijing 2014, Art China 2014, and Beijing Art Expo 2031.

The artist has all the secret of painting, that is to say, the secret of repossession of daily phenomena.

For the artist, life is special, full of immeasurable gradations of shades of jewelry smudges, which give the impression of more life-giving flash and spread out mist of mysterious light, much like sparks from a diamond speared by a beam of light. This unnoticeable trail from underneath his hand filled-out with light has changed completely into an iridescent link foremost into the extremely hidden, mystifying space of the universe, in its utmost secret and nooks. Bringing all into the agreement, this very detailed style of oil painting portraits, every painting by Vsevolod Saplin is totally absolutely distinctive and in an unreal manner hard to copy and thus virtually difficult to make and replicate.

About the artist: Seva Saplin

Vsevolod Saplin graduated Moscow State Art College named in memory of 1905 and then began working in the style of lavizm (from Çvulcanic lavaÈ). Lavizm was created in 21 century, inspired by the works of ancient Russian art. Incredible expression and spirituality of ancient works of art encourages the artist to break through the beauty of the visible world to the initial form, stimulates the desire to create his own world on canvas, which is a reflection of the ideal world. In the eternal quest to “go back home,” the artist works only with nature and in the open air, in order to minimize the impact on the creation of contemplative paintings. Like volcanic lava, thick layers of oil paint lie on the canvas, creating a relief, semi-sculptural painting. With such fluid substance can display forms, bypassing the stage of drawing contours. Obtained using random effects, creating a rich pictorial texture. LavArto Galleries very proud to be an exclusive art gallery Vsevolod Saplin work with. Nowadays Vsevolod Saplin is one of the most talented and perspective artists of the new generation of Russian painters.


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